Band Rentals

Instrument         Used           New

Clarinet, Flute or Trumpet      $25.00/month         $30.00/month

Violin (1/2, 3/4, 4/4)              $25.00/month         $30.00/month

Alto Saxophone                     $45.00/month         $50.00/month

Tenor Saxophone                   $55.00/month         $65.00/month

Trombone                              $30.00/month          $35.00/month


  • Minimum rental period is 3 months for used rentals. Minimum rental period is 9 months for new rentals; first, second and last month's rent must be payable in advance for used or new.
  • You must have a valid CA driver's license or ID card and either an American Express, Mastercard, or Visa Card.
  •  At the end of three months, you may either (1) continue to rent on a month-to-month basis, (2) convert to purchase, or (3) terminate your rental contract.
  • 60% of your rental can be applied towards purchase of either the instrument you are renting or a more expensive instrument.
  • If you decide to purchase within 3 months of renting you will receive a 15% discount off the value price, within 6 months, a 10% discount, and within 12 months, a 5% discount. 
  • You must purchase a maintenance kit when renting a band instrument.
  • You are responsible for damage, loss, or theft of the instrument. 


Short Term Rentals

Item/Per-Day Fee

Complete PA: Powered Mixer w/ Speaker Stands              

  1. 12" 2-Way Speaker Pair/$100.00
  2. 15" 2-Way Speaker Pair/$125.00

Pair of 12" 2-Way Speakers/ Monitors/$50.00

Pair of 15" 2-Way Speakers/ Monitors/$75.00

Pair of 12" Powered Speakers/Monitors/$95.00

Unpowered Mixer Only/$65.00

Powered Mixer Only/$75.00

Power Amplifier/$35.00

Powered Monitor/$40.00

Self Contained PA/$75.00

Wireless Systems




Microphone (w/ Cable & Stand)/$20.00

Microphone Stand Only/$5.00

Extra Cables (Each)/$2.00

Amplifier: Guitar, Bass, or Keyboard/$35.00

Digital Piano w/ Built-In Speakers/$75.00

Far Outlet Portable Power Supply (Pair: One Plus Backup)/$60.00

Takamine G330 Acoustic (w/ Pickup)/$20.00

Pair of Sabian Cymbals (16" Crash/ 14" HiHat/$25.00

**Rentals require deposit depending on value of item**

**Fee per day applies to day of pickup to 5pm the next day**

**25% upcharge for early pickup or late dropoff**

**48 hours notice required for cancellation of rental**